FNF Coaches Talk for September 24

Welcome back to another Monday morning. How’d we do this weekend? What are your goals for this week?

Let’s get into it. Here’s what has us talking today.

1. Sean Dollars and Bryce Young pull an Oceans 11 for Mater Dei (FOX Sports West)

Watch this play from Mater Dei’s Sean Dollars and Bryce Young, it just might be the heist of the century.

Play starts and the ball just sort of hovers on the 50 yard line in a game of hot potato. Meanwhile, Dollars turns a complete 180 and appears to be running off into nowhere.

Then QB Bryce gets a hold of it. In a split-second, he launches it off into nowhere – right into the hands of Mater Dei’s own Danny Ocean stand-in Sean Dollars. There, a million miles away from everyone, Dollars calmly jogs it over the line and walks himself to a stop, like it wasn’t more than a daily workout. Nice.

And it wasn’t just a devilishly clever play, it had a big impact on the team. As Tim Whelan, Jr writes:

“The 45-yard connection put the Monarchs ahead for the first time”

One play, big results. Not a bad start for that Monday Motivation.

Seeing Stars: What was your highlight play from your game this weekend? Who deserves recognition for their play, and what impact did it have on the game?

2. How many points are too many in high school football? (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Here’s an awkward topic that we just can’t look away from. James Johnson reports on this game Friday night:

“An awkward moment in area high school football was just beginning Friday night when the scoreboard clock at Geneseo’s field signaled the game was finally over.

The final score: Alexander 90, Geneseo 14. This was not going to look good.”

Johnson poses this interesting question:

“Should Section V have stronger suggestions on how to handle lopsided games and matches, or is it even necessary for high school sports to go as far as to put something in writing, create yet another rule?”

It seems everyone remotely connected to the two schools has an opinion on the whole situation, and Johnson does a great job of rounding them up. It’s hard to be judgemental from afar, but it does force us to think about what we would do in their shoes. Johnson reports on an example of them playing through to the end, and it seems no one was happy. Would it be different if they had called it early?

Fair Game: How would you make the call on this situation? How do you know when enough is enough?

3. Texas football coach saves woman from flooding waters (USA Today)

Finally, another one for your Monday Motivation. Check out Arlington Bowie coach Danny DeArman put on his cape and get to work this weekend.

It was apparently really bad out there. Cam Smith reports:

“The flooding was particularly pronounced across some low-lying streets in Irving, leaving a number of cars stranded by the flood waters, with more caught when their drivers attempted to cross the flooded passages and stalled out instead.”

Thanks to DeArman, at least one resident got out a little better. Great job, coach.

Role Models: Do you know any heroic coaches? Tell us about them!

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