FNF Coaches Talk for Oct. 29

Happy Monday, Coaches! We hope your week is off to a good start. Here are some of the topics we’re discussing today.

1. Back up the Brincks truck. 🚛 gets tricky on 4th-and-goal (Big Ten Network)

We love sharing trick plays from the weekend, and this is the second time in recent weeks that Iowa has been in our rundown. Iowa calls this play on fourth-and-goal from the 10, and an offensive lineman gets a chance to make a highlight-reel catch.

It’s not the prettiest play we’ve ever seen, but it gets the job done.

In what ways can you use offensive linemen as eligible receivers to your team’s advantage?

2. Coaching by FaceTime? South Carolina coach phones it in with wife in labor (WACH FOX 57)

Here’s a dilemma many of us have considered at some point in our coaching careers. What do you do if you’re expecting a baby, and your wife’s due date is during football season? And what if she goes into labor on a Friday night?

In the case of this South Carolina coach, Academic Magnet head coach Steve Kamp, he relayed his messages through FaceTime chats with his assistant coaches and players.

It sounds like Kamp’s wife was in the early stages of labor during the game; otherwise, we’re not sure she would have been thrilled with her husband’s somewhat divided focus! But all’s well that ends well, and here’s the good news for Kamp and his team.

Academic Magnet got the win, and Coach Kamp was happy to report later a new addition to his family.

How would you communicate with your team if you were unable to attend a game in person?

3. Coach’s daughter hits game-winning FG to send Shawnee to playoffs (Springfield News-Sun)

Many coaches have had the privilege of coaching their own boys, and we’ve written about how these coaches balance treating their children like every other player at school while treating them with the love of a father at home. In this story, Shawnee High (Ohio) coach Rick Meeks has the privilege of coaching his daughter, Andi, who is a kicker.

On Friday night, Coach Meeks was faced with the prospect of calling on his daughter with a game on the line.

With the score tied at 14 and less than a minute remaining, Meeks watched as her Shawnee High School football teammates drove the ball into field goal range against Jonathan Alder on Friday night in Springfield.

Coach Meeks decided to let his daughter attempt a 25-yard field goal as time expired, and she nailed it.

“I know Andi’s tough, but she’s never had to kick in this situation,” Rick Meeks said. “She’s a first-year kicker, end of the game, playoff implications in Week 10, either we make it (or we don’t). She hammered it. As a Dad, I’m obviously extremely proud of her, more than just making that field goal. I don’t know if any other coach has had a daughter make a game-winning field goal. It’s pretty special.”

Congrats to the Meeks family.

If you have a child on your team, how do you make sure you’re not treating him/her differently than you would another player?

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