FNF Coaches Talk for Monday, Nov. 19

Good afternoon, Coaches. We know it’s a busy week with Thanksgiving on the horizon, so let’s get right to the stories we’re discussing in our newsroom.

1. WATCH: California high school team’s play call fools everyone, including the refs (Saturday Down South)

Have you ever called such a great trick play, it even fooled the refs? Unfortunately for Centennial High (Calif.), it happened to them on Friday night in a game against Mater Dei. The Centennial coaching staff called a read-option, and the quarterback called his own number for a 50-yard touchdown run.

The refs got confused by the play fake to the running back, and they blew the whistle as the quarterback was breaking into the secondary. The poor refs owned up to the inadvertent whistle and spotted the ball all the way back at the 50, and Centennial’s touchdown was wiped out.

How do you communicate with the refs during a game to ensure that they don’t get fooled into making an incorrect call?

2. Let’s go inside the reticulum of Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich’s mind (Baldy’s Breakdowns)

If you’re looking for a new follow on Twitter, we suggest following former NFL lineman Brian Baldinger. Every Monday, he breaks down plays using game film and explains why they worked.

In this play, he breaks down a play that is designed to beat any type of defense (man, blitz, zone, etc.).

As Baldinger says in the clip, that play works every time as long as your quarterback has protection, and he reads it correctly.

How do you give your quarterback as many options as possible on a given play?

3. Football coach successfully appeals to L.A. Rams to let his team practice for Super Bowl at Rams facility (Ventura County Star)

Displaced by the Woolsey (Calif.) Fire, a Thousand Oaks youth football team was able to prepare for its Super Bowl this week on its local NFL practice field. That is — thanks to Titans coach Steve Szakos.

“We lost all of our permits because of the fires,” said Steve Szakos of the Titans. “When the school districts closed, the parks closed and they revoked all of our permits.”

Szakos reached out to local colleges, neighboring communities and other youth league organizations, but everyone was in the same boat. The fires had ravaged the area. He decided to take a ride over to Rams facilities, and see what he could drum up.

“We were literally scrambling,” Szakos said. “CLU was booked. Other schools don’t want to let you because you’re out of the district anyway. So I literally drove up to the security guard one night and said: ‘Here’s the situation. Here’s what we’re doing.’”

The team practiced in front of ESPN cameras on Friday. Fox’s NFL pregame show filmed highlights from its game Saturday. The team was surprised after practice Friday with tickets to the Rams’ “Monday Night Football” showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kudos to Coach Szakos for getting his team a practice site and some well-deserved publicity.

How do you strengthen your partnerships around the community so that you’ll have people to lean on if you need a favor?

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