FNF Coaches Talk for Monday, Dec. 10

Happy Monday, Coaches. Here’s a collection of stories we’re talking about today.

1. Learning from Oklahoma: Creating Counters (USA Football Blogs)

Oklahoma has one of the hottest offenses in college football when it comes to coaches trying to borrow concepts and plays. The brilliance of Oklahoma’s offense is the way that head coach Lincoln Riley builds counters or complementary plays based off of their base offense. This article does a great job of sharing some of those concepts and plays.

For example, one of the staples of the Oklahoma run game is the F-counter in which the backside guard will pull and kick out while the full back pulls from the backside and leads into the hole.
Riley thought of another brilliant counter to the F-counter:

Against a “tite” front, the Sooners also run counter and power plays in which the guard stays in to block the 4i-tech defensive tackle and the tackle pulls to lead in the hole. This is because it’s much tougher for the backside tackle to reach the 4i-tech than it is for the guard, who has a much better natural angle to block the defensive tackle.

Coach — What benefit does running a counter play offer your game plan?

2. Redskins embarrass themselves, fall to the Giants 40-16 (Hogs Haven)

If you’re looking for an in-depth breakdown of an NFL game — with charts and gifs explaining how one coaching staff countered what they saw on film from the other coaching staff that week — this is your story.

The writer offers a bunch of videos to show why the Giants dominated this game yesterday. We’ll pick a couple that we like.

Here’s a great example of how a cornerback’s poor leverage and technique result in a long completion.

And here’s a great example of how one coaching staff’s film study resulted in a touchdown by taking advantage of a tendency they saw on film.

At what point in the week do you share an opposing team’s bad habits with your players?

3. Pair of Calif. schools scrambling to fundraise for trip to State Bowl Games (San Diego NBC affiliate KNSD)

We hear a story like this out of California every year, but here’s the latest edition. Two state finalists — Orange Glen High School (Escondido, Calif.) and Lincoln High School (Lincoln Park, Calif.) — are set to represent San Diego in state bowl games in San Francisco on Saturday. While the teams have earned those spots, they won’t be able to accept the berths unless they can raise enough money to pay for their own trip to the Northern section of the state.

The Orange Glen football team has raised less than one-seventh of the total needed with just four days remaining to raise more money. Barring a major donation from a wealthy individual or corporation, Orange Glen isn’t going to hit the threshold it needs.

Coaches — If you’re inclined to help, here’s the GoFundMe for Orange Glen, and here’s the fundraising page for Lincoln.

What is your most successful fundraiser?

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