FNF Coaches Talk for Friday, Feb. 1

Happy Friday, Coaches. We hope your plans for Super Bowl weekend are in place, and you’re ready to enjoy the game someplace warm. Let’s get to the stories.

1. Enter The USA Football National Football Conference VIP Experience Contest (FNF Coaches)

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2. 5 ways the Rams embrace college offense, explained with Jared Goff’s Cal coach (SB Nation)

The NFL and college football have gotten much closer together on Xs and Os in recent years, to the point that a bunch of college-ish concepts fueled the Eagles’ Super Bowl run after 2017, a spread-option QB won the AFC North in 2018, and the air raid coach Texas Tech fired in November caught on as the Cardinals’ head coach by January.

These are some of the plays Sean McVay’s drawn up for L.A. this season, and how they connect to strategies that spawned from college.

First, it’s the jet sweep.

And here is an RPO pass play.

These types of plays give the Rams a lot of options. Here, you’ll see them run two different successful plays out of the same formation.

Coaches — What plays have you taken from the college game and added to your playbook?

3. Motivational coach tries to give Bison another edge (Grand Forks Herald)

We’re always up for a good motivational story on Friday, and this one falls in line with that theme.

Ben Newman has been cited by North Dakota State head coach Chris Klieman as a key piece to the continuation of the team’s championship dynasty. He’s the Bison’s performance coach, the same role he fills for Football Bowl Subdivision powerhouse Alabama — he spent three days with the Crimson Tide before their semifinal victory over Oklahoma — as well as NFL teams, Major League Baseball teams, Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters, PGA Tour players and a host of college programs and professional athletes.

Newman said he and Klieman meet before each season to come up with a theme for that year’s team, something easy to grab onto. That’s where phrases like “Attack the Process” and “Raise the Bar,” Bison rallying cries, came from. Newman will work with Klieman at Kansas State when the Bison coach begins his new job after the title game. Newman isn’t sure whether he will continue working with NDSU.

Interested in seeing Newman give a post-game speech? Here’s something to get you going heading into the weekend.

What creative things have you done to motivate your players?

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