FNF Coaches Talk for Feb. 26 — Graham Harrell’s offense, Cal spring drills, FNF Coaches Weight Loss Challenge

Good afternoon, Coaches. We have three stories for you today.

1. Graham Harrell talks offense: What he does, how does he do it (USCFootball.com)

New USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell shared his offensive philosophy with USCFootball.com, and you might be surprised to hear that the 33-year-old doesn’t give himself too much credit for his fast rise in the college game.

His two basic principles: “Keep things simple . . . there are no magic Xs and O’s . . . it’s a philosophy . . . there are a lot of great offenses, a lot of great plays. You can’t do all of them.”
The second principle is simply this: “Be loose and have fun.” Sounds easy but it’s not. “We’re playing a game — but with high expectations . . . take thinking out of it . . . let ’em go play . . . if they weren’t talented, they wouldn’t be at USC . . . we’re going to let the talent be free and play.”

We found it interesting that Harrell didn’t credit his scheme or play-calling for getting him to where he is now. He credits his players and their ability to execute.

Coaches — How do you prevent yourself from giving players more than they can mentally handle on game day?

2. Cal Football Video: Spring Practice Brings Basic Drills, Overcast Skies (Cal Bears Maven)

The Cal football team began spring workouts Monday, in helmets but no pads. If you’re a coach and you’re looking for drills for your team this spring, we encourage you to watch the ideo. Unfortunately, you have to visit the link in the headline above because we can’t embed the video.

It was Day 1 of 15 days of practice over the next four weeks and players and coaches were back on the field again for the first time since their 10-7 loss to TCU in the Cheez-It Bowl on Dec. 26.


What drills are most helpful to getting your players in shape during the spring?

3. Join the HogFBChat/FNF Coaches Weight Loss Challenge (FNF Coaches Twitter)

We partnered with HogFbChat for a weight-loss challenge for coaches. The highest percentage of weight loss during a 3-month span starting March 1 will win a feature story within FNF Coaches. Currently there are over 120 coaches signed up. Coaches can send us a direct message on Twitter to enter. Make a change in your health through a community of coaches supporting you.

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