FNF Coaches Talk for 9/28

It’s game night, coach. Are you ready? Is your squad ready?

Let’s dive in. Here’s what we’re talking about this morning.

1. WATCH: The power of football through the Leonard Story (USA Football)

This is an awesome documentary series from the folks at USA Football. Check out this trailer:

It’s a fascinating look at the Leonard family, and how football impacted their lives and legacies.

“But it’s also a story about faith, family and a remarkable woman named Liz Leonard who was the light and joy within a local football community.

Follow us as we share a three-part series on the power football has within a community, a team, a family, a marriage and the relationship between a father and a son.”

Head over to usafootball.com/leonardstory to read more on their story. This one checks every box for us. We love any opportunity for coaches to tell their story, but this one goes much further and shows the impact the coach and the game have had on many lives. 

Leonard Story: How was the game affected your family and the people in your community?

2. Recruiting Column: Yes, you have what it takes to play college ball (USA Today)

Here’s an interesting piece from a recruiter on what exactly an athlete can look for to know if they have a potential college career ahead of them.

“The college recruiting process is different for every kid wanting to play at the next level. It’s just not an exact science. From how far away from home you want to go, to scholarship dollar, to when you can get on the field, the variables that impact where you will end up are countless. And, they’re totally unique to you!”

The piece offers a few basic questions that any athlete can answer, and it’s worth passing the guide along to your players. But this part jumped out at us.

“Here’s the deal, your coach’s opinion of you matters. It’s not the only opinion that matters, but it’s one of the opinions that will greatly increase your odds of playing in college. A coach that’s willing to vouch for you speaks volumes to the college coach that’s recruiting you. It’s telling of your character, your work ethic, your abilities and so much more. If you’re wondering what it’s going to take to get to the next level, take a long, hard look at the relationship you have with your current coach. Because, it will play a big role in your college recruiting experience.”

It’s always worth keeping in mind that college recruitment is more than just good stats and a viral highlight reel. The coach matters. The player’s relationship with the coach matters.

Squad Goals: Who on your squad has the potential for a college career? How would you describe that athlete and your relationship with them to a recruiter?

3. Baraboo native, Sauk Prairie basketball coach goes viral with Packers-related post (WiscNews)

OK, it’s Friday, let’s end this with a fun one. In case you’re one of the 4 people left on earth who haven’t sent this to us, here’s the tweet that went viral earlier this week.

Once again, we’ll gracefully sidestep the issue of roughing itself. What we love about this story is that it turns out the internet star is actually a fellow coach. Basketball, that is.

“A health and physical education teacher at Sauk Prairie High School, McGann’s students are getting a kick out of seeing him all over the place.

“I can’t walk through the halls without kids going, ‘Oh my god, you’re famous,’” McGann said, noting that some students and friends have tried to get him on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “They’re more excited than I am.”

No, this is absolutely not a sly way to bring up the roughing rule again. We honestly just wanted to congratulate this fellow high school athletic coach on his newfound fame, and kudos his excellent sense of humor.

Completely Unrelated: Be honest, you retweeted it, too. For the joke, of course. Nothing about the rule here.

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