FNF Coaches Talk for 10/4

We’re back! Here’s what we’re talking about around FNF Coaches HQ today.

1. Washington HS football coaches required to share film before playoff game (Coach & AD)

This is an interesting story out of Washington state on new rules for tape sharing.

“The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) has adopted a rule that requires football coaches to share film with their first-round playoff foes.”

While it might seem like a bit of an inconvenience at the least, it’s actually easy nowadays thanks to software like Hudl.

“Specifically, coaches are required to send film of their last three games to opponents. The widespread use of programs like Hudl should make it relatively easy for coaches to share it before the 30-minute deadline.”

While stories of new rules and regulations always get us talking, this one in particular seems like a good idea. Not just for the fairness, mind you, but it actually turns the art of learning from your competitors into an ordered part of the process. What you lose in trade secrets you make up for with the good ideas of others.

Info Sec: What do you think of this new rule? How is the practice of tape sharing handled in your area?

2. Texas A&M commit Jeffery Carter made the INT of the season (USA Today)

This is definitely one of the most unconventional meaneuvers we’ve seen in a while.

While you might be puzzling as to how Carter came up with that, we here at FNF Coaches have uncovered secret footage of his training routine:

Maybe the boys at Aledo High School should be the Wild Cats instead of the Bearcats from now on.

Big Plays: What’s the most unconventional maneuver you’ve ever seen in action? Was it successful? 

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