FNF Coaches Talk — FNF Coaches Give-Aways, Pete Carroll’s motivational speech, Missouri Coach Builds Team Chemistry

Welcome back, Coaches. We’ve got three stories for you!

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2. How a Missouri Coach Plans to Focus on Team Chemistry (South County Times)

So many teams go into the offseason with a goal of building team chemistry. Affton High (Mo.) coach Tony Muyco had the same goal a year ago when he took over as a new coach for a rebuilding program.

Six months later, it’s interesting to look back at this article knowing Affton finished with a 9-2 record, which included a postseason victory in the MSHSAA Class 4 tournament.

Muyco’s first order of business was to create a slogan for the 2019 season.

The team’s mantra is an acronym for the word family — “For about me I love you.” Treating each other as family members, said Muyco, promotes team play.

Muyco was able to lead Affton to a five-win improvement in his first season as coach. Looking back at his opening statements, it appears as if his philosophy worked.

“We’re changing the mindset around here,” Muyco said. “We can control the things we can and that’s attitude, focus, and effort. It’s always about being competitive. We want to do better than last year’s record. We’re trying to compete better and see what happens.”

What is one activity you’ll organize this spring to help build team chemistry?

3. Pete Carroll Wants to Change Your Life (New York Times)

We’ve always known Pete Carroll has an unconventional coaching style, but we found this article interesting because it dives into the coach’s psyche.

The Seattle Seahawks’ coach is shaping his locker room talks about self-discovery and finding meaning in life for corporate America.

Carroll insists that coaching should be about something bigger than wins and losses — helping people be better at life.

“We have a real energy here,” he said. “That is ultimately the most valuable part of the experience.”

Matt Hasselbeck, an ESPN analyst and former Seahawks quarterback, said he was skeptical of Carroll when he took over his team in 2010, seeing him as an annoying, rah-rah college guy parachuting in from the University of Southern California. Hasselbeck was a veteran who had taken his team to the Super Bowl in the 2005 season. Then, at 35, he had to learn a new way of thinking about his profession.

Carroll spoke to him often about his purpose, sometimes in meetings in his office, sometimes during one-on-one basketball games they played, often wearing flip-flops. Competition, and its implicit push to be better, was constant. Home run derbies. Rock paper scissors tournaments. Basketball shooting contests.

On Wednesdays, when Hasselbeck was used to getting a full scouting report for the next game, Carroll never mentioned the opponent. “It was all about how good can we be being the best version of us,” Hasselbeck said.

Once, before a run-of-the-mill game, Carroll had a fringe player, who had been cut earlier in the season and reinstated just days before, give the pregame speech.
“That guy made it feel like we were about to play the Super Bowl,” Hasselbeck said.

How do you inspire your players to achieve great things without talking about football?

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