FNF Coaches Talk — Fire 3 Simulated Pressure, VICIS 7-on-7 Helmets, FNF Coaches Subscription Discount

Welcome back, Coaches. It’s a short week with July 4 coming up on Thursday, so let’s get right to the stories.

1. Run Fire 3 Simulated Pressure (USA Football Blogs)

Coach — We’ve always considered these “zone blitzes” but we’re curious to hear your terminology for this.

A simulated pressure is a pressure that brings a non-traditional rusher (a LB or DB) in exchange for dropping a traditional rusher (DL). The great thing about sim pressures is that they are an “extra safe” pressure that do not require any additional rushers. This means they do not sacrifice coverage in pressuring offenses by getting to the QB and disrupting the run game.


It has taken some time, but offenses and QBs today are now better trained to exploit fire zone pressures and are able to take advantage of the gaps in zone coverage due to defenses always being one man short in coverage. There is still a place for fire zones, but defenses realized that they would need to be able to pressure offenses and still play coverage with seven defenders. This is the benefit of simulated pressure concepts, which help to accomplish this by specifically attacking protections with a four-man rush.

What are your most effective simulated pressure concepts?

2. VICIS releases ULTIM Cap, for use with 7-on-7 football (Komo News)

The company that produces the top-rated helmet for NFL players is rolling out a version for flag football.

The latest product from VICIS is the ULTIM Cap, announced on Monday, intended for use with youth flag football and the quickly expanding competitive 7-on-7 football played during the offseason for youth and high school programs. The target audience is youth and high school football players in those specific areas, but Marver noted some high school programs are considering the ULTIM Cap for non-helmeted, in-season practices.

It was the goal of VICIS when it first developed its Zero 1 helmet to eventually fill out its entire portfolio by adding the youth helmet and eventually a product for flag football.

Most of the current headgear used for flag football and 7-on-7 competition has been made of stiff foam. VICIS couldn’t use the same columns it uses in its football helmets to make a soft product viable, but was able to transfer some of the protective technology in the new headgear.

What is your preferred supplier for helmets for games, practice and 7 on 7?

3. Get $10 Off an Annual Subscription to FNF Coaches (FNF Coaches)

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What type of content are you looking to read in FNF Coaches in the coming months?

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