FNF Coaches Talk — F45 Workouts, A Coaching Hire Over a Beer, GameBreaker Helmet Discounts

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. We’ve got some stories for you on the Thursday before Mother’s Day. Do your shopping now!

1. F45 is the most popular workout you’ve never heard of (Vox)

Trainer Cory George is a 6-foot-3 former football and volleyball player from Grass Valley, Calif. The muscular 27-year-old looks like like he could still step on a football field and make an impact.

George has become the body behind F45, a rapidly expanding Australian workout class that claims to be the globe’s fastest-growing fitness franchise, boasting 300,000 active members worldwide.

A 45-minute, high-speed series of punishing, “functional” exercises that engage multiple muscle groups — hence F45 — the Down Under export currently has 1,300-plus outlets across the globe, with 570 gyms active or planning to open in the US.

The program feels a bit like a workout designed by a computer. Everything is optimized, from the ever-changing routines — which involve circuit training across a series of stations stocked with barbells, ropes, rowing machines, and more — to the curated hip-hop playlists that shake the room (Saturday classes feature a live DJ). During classes, the screens that catch George in an endless loop count down each and every second of each and every exercise.

If F45 sounds like CrossFit, that’s because both are based on similar research and science, and can be categorized as the same style of workout: high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. As the name and acronym suggest, HIIT consists of a rapid-fire sequence of different exercises, which rotate through different muscle group and shock the body into shape.

CrossFit, which started in 2000, branded itself as a more extreme, exclusive version of HIIT training, offering classes in black, industrial-style gyms nicknamed boxes — critics complained of a cult-like atmosphere and strenuous and injury-prone workouts. F45 tries to sell itself as a more accessible style of communal exercise than CrossFit; not a lifestyle in itself, just an easier way to optimize the one you already have. As Deutsch says, the workouts are about “training smarter, not harder.”

In what ways have you incorporated high-intensity interval training into your team’s workouts?

2. Legendary Idaho coach’s journey started with a beer and sandwich at Jack & Dan’s (The Spokesman-Review)

We love hearing stories about how legendary coaches broke into the profession 40 or 50 years ago, and this story about former Vandals football coach Chris Tormey is a great one.

Tormey was an All-Big Sky linebacker at Idaho before earning a tryout for the Washington Redskins out of college. He did not make the team, and he was contemplating whether to pursue a career in teaching or business.

Then he got a phone call from his former world history teacher at Gonzaga Prep, the Rev. Patrick Stewart.

“He said, ‘Mel, I understand you’re looking for employment, and you have your degree.’
“I said, ‘Yes, Father.’
“ ‘Are you quite sure about that?’
“ ‘Yes, Father.’
“ Then meet me at Jack & Dan’s at noon.’ ”
G-Prep had an unexpected opening for an assistant football coach and teacher.
“Over a red beer and a ham sandwich, (Stewart) offered me a job for $11,500,” Tormey said of his lunch that day at the iconic Spokane bar.

Congratulations to Tormey, who was recently inducted into the Idaho Athletic Hall of Fame.

“You come together with people you would not ordinarily know or associate with,” Tormey said. “You create friendships that last a lifetime.
“Football has been my livelihood. It’s part of my DNA, my life fabric. The last 52 years have always been about the next season, the next game. I’ve been lucky to have that.”

How did you get your first job as a coach?

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