FNF Coaches Talk — Disguising Coverages, James Franklin Assists a Proposal, Matt Nagy’s Motivation

Welcome back,, Coaches. Here’s today’s stories.

1. Summer School – How disguising coverage can help the pass rush (Big Blue View)

We are going to look at how disguising intentions and creating confusion can help the defense.

In an ideal world the defense would be able to field four (or five, depending on down, distance, and personnel package) defensive linemen and EDGE players who can beat an offense’s five (or six) pass protectors straight up. However, we don’t live in an ideal world, offenses are sophisticated, and the counters to basic defenses are well understood around the league. Some times defensive coordinators need to give their defenders a little help in disrupting opposing offenses.

We’ll start with the Giants’ personnel package, with the Giants coming out in a 4-2-5 nickel personnel set. They field two down defensive tackles, and then the two EDGE players, two linebackers, and five defensive backs largely mill around field in an “Amoeba” defense.

These defenses can put a lot of stress on the players, as they need defenders who are both who can go from seemingly aimless wandering near the line of scrimmage to assignment-sound rushes in the blink of an eye. Obviously, the defense would need players who are both athletic enough to cover ground to get to their assignments and execute them once they get there, but also smart enough to disguise their intentions and know their assignments.

How do you teach players to disguise coverages without taking themselves out of position to adhere to their responsibilities?

2. WATCH: Penn State football coach James Franklin helps Pa. high school coach propose (Twitter)

Penn State football coach James Franklin clearly is willing to go the extra mile for high school coaches in Pennsylvania and other nearby states.

Case in point: Franklin’s involvement in a marriage proposal by Calvert Hall College School (Towson, Md.) defensive coordinator Frank Curreri.

How do you incorporate your relationship with your significant other into your career as a football coach?

3. Matt Nagy Needs To Get Over The Double-Doink (Deadspin)

Coaches and athletes alike seem to seek inspiration from negativity. If someone tells us we can’t do something, we write it down and then strive to do it.

But this seems a bit over the top. Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy is showing his team a clip of a missed field goal that ended its season each and every day.

“He’ll show it throughout team meetings that we have in the morning so the whole team can see it,” Cohen said.

Perhaps there are some players that are motivated by that type of film study, but the new kicker doesn’t appear to be one of them.

How do you use a past failure to motivate your team for the future?

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