FNF Coaches Talk — Develop a champion’s mind, inspiring words through a training app, an open letter to coaches

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you enjoyed the weekend. Here’s three topics for today.

1. The COVID-19 Shutdown is Your Chance to Develop a Champion’s Mind (G.O.A.T. Food)

Coaches — We all have those days during the coronavirus outbreak when we feel like pulling back on the reins.

It’s all too easy to think of your sport’s season getting closed down by the coronavirus as a chance to take your foot off the gas. In fact, this unprecedented period isn’t down time, it’s crunch time, at least if you want to use mental skills training to gain an edge on your competitors.

Athletes who never reach their full potential view problems as bad things that are being done to them. But true champions find light in the dark and opportunities to gain on the competition. Mental skills training presents a unique way to get ahead, starting today and continuing tomorrow and the next day.

During the trailer for the ESPN documentary The Last Dance that chronicles the final season of the Chicago Bulls’ NBA dynasty, Michael Jordan says, “My mentality was to go out there and win, at any cost.” Do you have that same drive? If so, it’s time to prove it by becoming as mentally tough as Jordan.

The best way to approach this period from a mental perspective is to take one day at a time, and continue to prepare so that you are on track to hit your goals when play resumes.

“For me, winning isn’t something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar,” said NFL legend Emmitt Smith. “Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream.”


How are you staying mentally sharp despite so much uncertainty around you?

2. Inspirational words from Texas coaching about persevering through adversity (Stephen Mackey)

We wrote a story just as schools were closing about how the SportsYou app will be used this spring as a training tool for Texas high school coaches. Starting the week of March 23, the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) has required coaches to use the sportsYou app for certification and professional development opportunities.

Now we’re seeing how that comes to fruition, and it’s pretty cool.

Stephen Mackey had some inspiring words for coaches this morning.

What are you doing to inspire other coaches during this time?

3. Dear Coach: Thanking the men and women who help make high school sports great (MaxPreps)

We encourage you to take the time to read this when you’re getting down. We can all use an uplifting message right now, and this certainly provides it.

MaxPreps has an open letter to coaches, and here’s an excerpt that we enjoyed.

We’re in uncertain times right now. No one has answers. And though no one is playing games, your job hasn’t stopped.
Most coaches are educators trying to figure out distance learning. If that wasn’t enough, you’re trying to keep you team together when it literally can’t get together.
So you innovate.
Virtual meetings. Online lessons. Text messages with gentle reminders and perspective that this won’t last forever and subtle — or not so subtle — hints to remain focused on mind and body for the time that sports will re-enter our lives.
And that’s why sports — and you, the coach — are so essential. You teach young men and women to stay on path, persevere, evolve.


What are your outlets to help motivate you when you’re getting down?

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