FNF Coaches Talk — Cover 2 Read, a Mouthguard to Monitor Head Impacts, Weight Loss Challenge

Happy Friday, folks. We hope these three stories kick off your weekend.

1. Cover 2 Read to stop the run, pass and RPO (FNF Coaches)

Cibolo Steele High (Texas) coach Adam Harvey shared his team’s defensive scheme, which starts with press-two coverage.

Our checks are sky and cloud to go Cover 3, and we will play Cover 4 and Cover 1. Our Cover 2 Read takes away the things that usually attack Cover 2 like smash, fade-flat and slant because of the rules and techniques that the corner is taught to play.

Here’s a look at his base formation.

What is your preferred defensive call against an RPO scheme?

2. Evolutionary Technology Bridging the Gap Between Bemidji State University Football and Safety (BSUBeavers.com)

One of our partners, Prevent Biometrics, has made a big impact on the Bemidji State University football team as the Beavers prepare for the annual spring game on Saturday. Twenty-six players have spent the spring testing the revolutionary high-tech equipment that can have a life-altering influence on the game of football going forward.

Beaver football is testing new impact monitor mouthguards to receive better data on head injuries. The team’s annual Green and White spring game Saturday, April 20 will be the first true field test of the equipment from a company in BSU’s own backyard.
Prevent Biometrics is a company based in Edina, Minn., who is providing the Beavers with the high-tech mouthguards. Head athletic trainer Eric Sand was contacted by the company and expressed interest in having the football players at Bemidji State use their product.

How can a mouthguard help prevent and detect concussions? While the devices can’t prevent or diagnose a concussion, there is a small sensor in the mouthguard which monitors the head impacts an athlete sustains. This allows the impact to be measured and reported in real-time.

“An accelerometer in the mouthguard is sensing G-forces. It senses linear G-forces and rotational G-forces and it can sense based on those motions where the impact is coming from and the size of the impact,” said Sand next to the blinking red and green lights of the electronic case that charges and sanitizes the mouthguards. “We have an app on the iPad that links the mouthguards up through Bluetooth and sends the data constantly back and forth.”

Have you found any new products or practices that have helped decrease head injuries in your program?

3. #hogfbweightlosschallenge update!

After 60 days, 155 coaches have lost a combined 1295 lbs! Amazing results. Several coaches have lost in the 20-30 lb range! I encourage everyone to give it your best over the last 30 days! Final weigh in is June 1.

We partnered with HogFbChat for a weight-loss challenge for coaches. The highest percentage of weight loss during a 3-month span will win a feature story within FNF Coaches. Coaches can send us a direct message on Twitter to enter. Make a change in your health through a community of coaches supporting you.

What are you doing to try to improve your health this spring?

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