FNF Coaches Talk — College recruiting during a pandemic, TikTok star coach at it again, Catapult technology

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coaches. We’ve got three stories for you.

1. How college football teams are trying to lay the foundations for their futures with virtual recruiting (CBS Sports)

Here’s something to consider as your players continue to look to get offers despite the fact that they can’t visit college campuses.

Virtual recruiting has been the only recruiting since the coronavirus pandemic hit. The so-called “dead period” — no in-person, face-to-face contact with recruits or on-campus visits — has been extended by the NCAA to July 31.

That meant figuring out new ways to use phones and screens. In early March, “Zoom” was something a Corvette did. “Gallery view” sounded like a nose-bleed ticket. “Unmute yourself” seemed like something from an artificial intelligence seminar.
Here in the virtual recruiting world, college football is trying to lay the foundation for its game via internet connection. Zoom — the Silicon Valley video-conferencing company — has helped fill the void with technology that frankly most of weren’t aware of until March.


How are your top prospects communicating with recruiters during the pandemic?

2. St. Charles North (Ill.) is avoiding soft-tissue injuries and making most of practice time with Catapult (Catapult)

We’re working on our Innovation and Technology edition of FNF Coaches, and we are including Catapult in our practice tech feature. Catapult has been producing YouTube videos that serve as testimonials to show how schools are using the GPS technology and making their practices more efficient.

Check out how St. Charles North is using Catapult.


What metrics/technology are you using to measure a player’s workload in practice?

3. Coach Regalado does it again with acclimatization TikTok (Twitter)

Do you find yourself coaching long days in 90-degree heat after being quarantined for three months? Well, take it easy it out there. Let your body get used to it!

How are you keeping your stamina since the return to play?

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