FNF Coaches Talk — Biggest Mistakes HS Strength Coaches Make, Christian McCaffrey’s Conditioning,

FNF Coaches Talk

It’s Friday and the first day of summer all bunched into one! Enjoy it, Coaches. We’ve got three stories with a strength and conditioning theme.

1. What High School Strength Coaches Are Screwing Up (Elitefts.com)

This is invaluable information for high school coaches. Phil Matusz, the associate director of strength and conditioning for the Ohio State University football team, weighs in on what high school strength coaches should be doing better.

Matusz has been with the team for the 2014 College Football Playoff national championship and for two Big Ten Conference championships.

What outside sources do you use for guidance and advice when it comes to building a strength and conditioning program?

2. Christian McCaffrey shares a more effective way to condition (TopSpeed LLC)

Christian McCaffrey put on a decent amount of weight since being drafted. He recently shared how his conditioning has changed from running a bunch of 110s to a more football-specific approach.

In what ways have you made your conditioning program focused on football-specific training?

3. How Strength and Conditioning Coaches Can Identify Heat Illnesses (STACK News)

Many high school strength coaches will be leading workouts in the heat in the coming months, so this is an important story to share.

Here’s an outline of the story, and we encourage you to dig in for further details.

3 Things to Know About Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
1. All Athletes Are Susceptible
2. The Line Between Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke Is Fuzzy
3. It Doesn’t Only Happen When It’s Hot
3 Tips for Reducing Risk of Heat Illness
1. Communicate With the Training Staff
2. Keep Learning
3. Consider Your Culture

What precautions will you be taking this summer to prevent heat-related illnesses?

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