FNF Coaches Talk — Best of Twitter for Oct. 14

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coach! Here’s what coaches were talking about today on Twitter.

Plenty of coaches had something to say about this play from Tuesday Night Football.

We had a great podcast with Coach Dan Casey of St. David’s School in Raleigh, N.C. Can’t wait to post this one!

If you like the Derrick Henry stiff-arm above, you might like this tackle football league with no helmets or pads.

You might want to use this story as a lesson for players who are starting to organize more social outings now that they’re back on the field.

Time for a halftime motivation break!

We’ve got some promising news for Class of ’21 prospects.

Speaking of recruiting, pass this one along to your players’ parents.

Our friends at FirstDown PlayBook break down a play from the Colts-Browns game from Week 5.

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