FNF Coaches Talk — Best Apps for Football Coaches, Conditioning Deaths, Open-Field Tackling

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you enjoyed your weekend. Here are some stories we’ve pulled for your reading pleasure.

1. The Best Apps for Football Coaches in 2019 (FNF Coaches)

This was one of our most popular stories in 2018, so we decided to update our list and bring it back in 2019. We asked our audience of coaches on Twitter to share their favorite apps for coaching. Here’s a list of 13 of their favorites.

We’ve got links to all of the apps if you’re looking to download from the iTunes or Google Play store.

Here’s an example of one:

JustPlay: Just Play provides coaches with football playbook and game planning tools to prepare faster and engage with today’s athlete. Build scouting reports, playbooks, and video quizzes with easy-to-use digital coaching tools. Integrate with Hudl/XOS/DVSport video. Print play sheets and scouts.

JustPlay on iTunes

JustPlay on Google Play 

Which apps do you use to help with your coaching?

2. Most fatalities among high school football players occur during conditioning (Science Daily)

Important safety post, Coaches! We know it’s hot and you’re just starting the season, so this is something to keep in mind.

Most non-traumatic fatalities among high school and college football athletes do not occur while playing the game of football, but rather during conditioning sessions which are often associated with overexertion or punishment drills required by coaches and team staff, according to new research.

We know there’s always a rush to get your players in shape before the first game. But consider this before starting your conditioning drills. Perhaps you can integrate some conditioning into your practice drills. Running an uptempo practice with a focus on getting each player as many reps as possible can also serve as conditioning.

“Conditioning-related fatalities are preventable by establishing standards in workout design, holding coaches and strength and conditioning coaches accountable, ensuring compliance with current policies, and allowing athletic health care providers complete authority over medical decisions,” Boden reported.

What is the best way to get your athletes conditioned in extreme heat?

3. Eight Closed-Space Tackling Drills (X&O Labs)

We were surprised to find that these types of tackles had a 31 percent missed rate. Open-field tackling is perpetually touted as one of the bigger challenges in defensive football, yet we’ve talked to numerous coaches who have worked hard on enforcing how to teach their defenders to make 1-on-1 in-the-hole tackles with limited space around them. While these types of missed tackles may not present the highest rate of big plays, they do present the risk of ball carriers lunging for extra yards on contact, which could result in drive sustainability. We found the following common errors as it pertains to open-field tackling:

  • Not staying square on ball carrier
  • Not striking up and through ball carrier
  • Not running feet on contact

Check out the story on X&O Labs for more.

What is your favorite drill for teaching open-field tackling?

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