FNF Coaches Talk — Attacking adversity, keeping players motivated with no guarantee of a season

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you’re staying positive in this confusing time. Here are some stories for you.

1. Sports Emmy nominee Inky Johnson talks about the importance of attacking opposition and adversity (Inky Johnson)

Love this message. It’s not specific to football, but it certainly APPLIES to football. It’s about attacking adversity and not settling for failure in any circumstance.

It’s why we as coaches call up a pass play for our quarterback on his first snap after throwing an interception. It’s why we tell our defensive backs to have short memories when they get beat deep. It’s what life’s all about — failing and getting back up.

What is your message to players when they experience failure?

2. How are you keeping players motivated with no guarantee of a season? (FNF Coaches)

We posed that question to coaches yesterday after reading a lot of stories about how high school coaches all across the country aren’t confident that there will be a fall season. If that’s the case, how are they structuring their practices? If you’re not training for a fall season, what are you training for?

We got a few good responses that might help you adjust your focus.


How are you keeping players motivated when you’re unsure of a 2020 season?

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