FNF Coaches Talk — At-Home Workouts for Football, Coaches Can Lead Through Video Appeals, NFL Game Pass Is Free

Good afternoon, Coaches. We’ve got a few relevant stories for you. It’s almost Friday?!?!?!? Does Friday mean anything?


This isn’t limited to workouts athletes can do from home, so we advise you to skip the stuff that doesn’t apply to the current situation with quarantines and social distancing.

There are several parts that apply to at-home workouts, but the one part of the article that is particularly applicable to this current climate is a paragraph on yoga. That is absolutely something players can be doing at home, and there are videos everywhere — online, On Demand, etc.

NFL and the yoga mat are rarely thought of at the same time, and yet this ancient practice of aligning body with breath while developing patience and flexibility is gaining ground for its benefits on and off the football field. It hasn’t become quite common place, but many of the top players have all made it a regular part of their training. Coaches of the Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, and Cleveland Browns have all integrated yoga into their team practice. The Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, the Giants, and New Orleans Saints already offer yoga training on recovery days. These pro-players and teams have the upper hand when it comes to reducing the risk of injury, enhancing focus, discipline and balance and building joint integrity.

It’s worth considering for athletes who might have tightness is certain areas of the body, achy muscles, a lack of flexibility or just a need for increased mobility.

What are you doing to encourage your players to work on the alignment of their bodies during this break?

2. College football commentator urges coaches to lead by example with Coronavirus videos (Twitter)

Here’s a decent idea for coaches as they look to encourage their players to follow the recommendations of the CDC in terms of social distancing.

Obviously, the same sentiment applies to high school football. Keep an eye on your players’ Instagram accounts. Watch their social media.

Are they staying at home and avoiding contact with others? If not, send them a message. Set the example and let them know the sooner they quarantine, the sooner this will all be over.

What are you doing to lead your players toward making good decisions about social distancing?

3. NFL offers fans free access to NFL Game Pass (NFL.com)

Well, it’s not all bad news, Coaches. If you miss watching sports and want to get your fill of some great games, the NFL has got you covered.

Starting today, the NFL will offer complimentary access to NFL Game Pass, providing fans the opportunity to relive NFL games and moments from seasons past including Tom Brady’s multiple Super Bowl victories with the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning’s single season record of 55 touchdown passes as a Denver Bronco in 2013, Odell Beckham Jr.’s impossible one handed catch in 2014, and much more.

NFL Game Pass offers an extensive library of football programming for fans. This includes access to past regular and postseason NFL games, previous seasons of Hard Knocks and A Football Life, and exclusive NFL Game Pass Film Sessions with some of the league’s star players and coaches.

NFL Game Pass will be offered free of charge until May 31 to fans within the U.S.

Also starting today, NFL digital platforms will offer fans full game encores each day across NFL.com, the NFL app and NFL’s official YouTube channel. These encores will feature signature wins from all 32 teams starting with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs leading a stunning 4th quarter comeback over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. Featured games will be made available for viewing by Noon ET each day.

How are you satisfying your sports-watching fix during the current break?

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