FNF Coaches Talk — At-Home Speed and Power Program, Georgia Football’s Hype Video, Exercising During Coronavirus

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you’re staying healthy. We’ve got three stories for you.

1. At-Home Speed and Power Program (TeamBuildr)

We’re all looking for at-home workouts these days in the era of social distancing. TeamBuildr provides one for us this afternoon.

The purpose of this program is to give the athlete the minimum effective dose of sprint, ballistic throwing and plyometric work over the course of a 5-week period. Let’s hope that’s all we need it for.

This program will allow the athlete to continue to keep the nervous system active and working so as not to incur “power loss”, during this time of social distancing. This program only requires a med ball; no other special equipment will be needed. The hope is this program will allow the athlete to continue to train, so as when they return to a normal training environment, they will be ready to again perform at a high level.

Sign up for the program here.

What workouts are you giving your players to do at home?

2. Georgia football releases hype video on social distancing (Georgia Football)

Georgia has now released a hype video to promote social distancing, encourage good citizenship among its fan base, and to offer a light at the end of the tunnel that Bulldog football will return in force this fall.

This video will have you ready to wash your hands, punch a wall and then wash your hands a second time.

What are you doing to encourage your players to behave responsibly in accordance to CDC guidelines?


Some of us are trying to determine whether to keep weight rooms open during this time. The short answer is it depends on your school’s situation. Some schools are closed indefinitely. Others are allowing gatherings with fewer than 10 people. Some others are leaving it up to the coaches to decide what’s best.

As the outbreak continues, fitness facilities are stepping up and taking precautions to protect their members from the virus.

Here are the five key ways gyms across the US are trying to minimize potential exposure:

Keeping things clean: Gyms are scheduling regular and thorough cleaning of all facilities and equipment, with some, like Planet Fitness, assuring users that: “Our team members conduct regular and thorough cleaning of all equipment, surfaces, and areas of the club and gym floor using disinfectant cleaning supplies.”

Going online: Soulcycle is releasing an at-home bike that streams SoulCycle classes, similar to the Peloton. Obé, an online streaming fitness service, tells Inverse they offer a free month for anybody quarantined or self-quarantining. “During this uncertain time, we want people to stay strong, stay safe, and stay occupied with a caring community that always has your back,” the online gym’s co-founders said in a statement.

What are you doing to motivate players to exercise during this pandemic?

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