FNF Coaches Talk — Assistant Coaches Critical for Success, Filling a Staff with Alumni, HBO’s 24/7 College Football

FNF Coaches Talk

We hope you’re feeling confident heading into your games tomorrow. If you have time for a few stories, we’ve got you covered.

1. High school football coordinators critical for success (The Blade)

The story is local to Ohio but could just as well apply to any part of the country. It’s about the importance of coordinators and position coaches — the lifeblood of a program.

Few people in high school sports are more valuable than assistant football coaches. Every program depends heavily on these underpaid and underappreciated leaders who put in the hours developing game plans, running practice drills, calling plays during games, mentoring and counseling.

“I couldn’t do it without them,” Start coach Corey Pargo said. “I wouldn’t even attempt it. These guys are great family men. But they put in countless hours with these kids. They are absolutely awesome.”

Most assistants receive a stipend from the school district of less than $5,000. Head coaches generally don’t make more than that. They’re not in it for the money; they do it for the love of football and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of young student athletes.

Anthony Wayne coach Andy Brungard said coordinators are an extension of the beliefs and philosophies of the head coach.

“They pump energy and execution into practice and games,” he said. “Everything that is talked about in meetings is executed by how they organize, install, and drill.”

How does your coaching staff delegate game-planning responsibilities? 

2. Pennsylvania team relies on alumni to fill out coaching staff (The Miami County Republic)

We hear so many coaches talk about “family” and how the players and coaching staff are more than just teammates. This Pennsylvania coach puts his money where his mouth is.

Family has long been the foundation of the Paola Panther football program. Coach Michael Dumpert is a huge advocate of having his former players come back and stop by the locker room to say hello. More than that, he loves having them come back to teach in Paola, and also coach.

The Panther football program has three assistant coaches who graduated from Paola High School. All three played football for the Panthers. Coach Dumpert had two of them in class.

“If they didn’t graduate form here, Paola brought them here,” coach Dumpert said. “One of the joys of being a teacher or coach is the relationships you build with your student athletes. You get to see them mature, become family men, positive role models, people who contribute to their communities.
“One of the cornerstones to Paola Panther football is the concept that we must trust each other, which requires honesty, and with that trust you have the chance to build a positive relationship,” he said. “To be employed as a coach at Paola, you must be a great teacher first.”

What message does it send your players when you have former players on your coaching staff?

3. HBO releases trailer for ’24/7 College Football’ (HBO)

This is just a fun story about a show we’ll all want to watch when it debuts next Wednesday night. If you like behind-the-scenes football entertainment, this is a show for you.

HBO Sports’ landmark franchise 24/7 breaks new ground this October when it launches an all-access college football series chronicling four programs in-season – Florida, Penn State, Arizona State and Washington State – as they meet the demands and challenges leading up to and through game day.

The four-part, limited college football series will run for four consecutive weeks in October, beginning Wednesday, Oct. 2 (10 p.m. ET/PT).

How do you think a film crew’s presence at all of your practices and games would affect your coaching?