FNF Coaches Talk — Arizona Coach Resigns After Accusations of Running Up Score, Press Coverage Techniques, Andy Reid’s Wheel Routes

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Hump Day, Coaches. Here are three stories for you.

1. Arizona high school football coached resigned from his post Monday after accusations he was running up the score (Fox News)

Here’s a ridiculous story about an Arizona coach who gave in to criticism from parents after being accused of running up the score in a 60-0 win on Friday night.

Devin Dourisseau was the head coach of La Joya Community High School in Avondale when the team defeated Glendale Cooper Canyon 60-0 on Friday. Dourisseau told the Arizona Republic he stepped down after he was accused of “wrongdoing.”

“I was threatened to be removed from the sideline for our (upcoming) game against Valley Vista if we scored another point (in the Glendale Cooper Canyon game),” he told the newspaper. “The AD and principal had a meeting with me this morning and basically told me I was in the wrong.”
“We had one special teams score and two defensive scores in the second half. My first team only scored once and we ran the ball with my 2nd and 3rd team running back and scored.”
He added: “Per the conversation, I stepped down because I was accused of wrongdoing and running up the score.”

Clearly, the athletic director and principal lacked any appreciation of the nuance of a game in which the coach benched his starters in the second half. What direction was the coach supposed to give the defensive players who scored touchdowns? Take a knee after you force a turnover? Should the special teams unit allow their return man to get blown up?

La Joya has three wins on the season. The school defeated Phoenix Alhambra 63-7 in its last game. The team has two losses: A 75-35 defeat to Scottsdale Chaparral and a 47-7 loss to Chandler Basha.

I wonder if the coaches of those other lopsided wins got criticized after their games as well.

What measures do you take to prevent your team from running up the score when the talent differential is significant?

2. NFL DB shares technique for man press coverage (DB Precision Official)

The NFL defensive back retreat gives you an inside look into DB Precisions 1-on-1 press coverage drills. During the 2019 offseason, former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark and the DB precision team traveled to Tempe, Ariz., to do some offseason training for the upcoming 2019 NFL football season.

What are your teaching points for playing 1-on-1 press coverage?

3. How Andy Reid is Stressing Defenses with a 4 Strong Passing Concept (USA Football Blogs)

Andy Reid is without a doubt one of the best offensive play callers – and play designers – of all-time. For over two decades as a head coach he has given defensive coordinators headaches with his play design and phenomenal usage of personnel.

If you want an example of this play-calling genius, check out the Post-Wheel Flood route.

Here’s another example.

Check out the article for the full description of how to set up the play.

How do you get your running backs involved in the passing game?

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