FNF Coaches Talk — Apply for a scoreboard grant, a resume play model, Nick Saban on Michael Jordan

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. We’re on to another week!

1. Take advantage of an opportunity to apply for a grant for a new scoreboard (USA Football)

All football coaches seem to keep an eye out for opportunities for grants and free stuff, and here’s one worth applying for.

As part of its field building grant program, our friends at USA Football partnered with OES Scoreboards, a recognized expert in LED video displays, scoreboards and timing solutions.

As part of the partnership, OES Scoreboards will award $50,000 in grants towards new scoreboard and video display purchases. These grants offer an opportunity for organizations to improve the game experience for players and fans.

The application for the field building grant program is open now through June 5.

For more information and to apply, visit usafootball.com/grants.


What other offers for freebies have you seen this spring?

2. Fogging Machines, Contact-Free Facilities and Outdoor Weight Rooms: The ‘New Norm’ That Awaits College Football Players (SI.com)

As schools prepare to welcome back their student-athletes as soon as June, athletic departments are transforming their facilities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic shut down the University of Houston’s athletic facilities, the RAZOR made its on-campus debut. At first commissioned by UH officials as a flu-preventing measure, the powerful fogging machine coated the Cougars’ weight room, locker room and training areas in a germ-killing substance that endures for up to three months.

“To kill a virus,” says TJ Meagher, an associate athletic director at UH. The Razor will soon be in action again, dispelling into the air chemicals that will settle on surfaces and bond together to protect dozens of athletes in a suddenly health-conscious world.

Many programs across the country are in the early stages of developing reopening plans for their football and basketball training facilities, transforming them into virus-proof refuges. They’re extending social distancing practices into their buildings, sanitizing them like never before and for those inside, securing personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks. If the NCAA does the expected Wednesday, lifting a nationwide ban on on-campus athletic activities, athletes will return to campuses next month to a new normal.

Coaches and staff members in masks and gloves. Temperature tests at the front door. Hand sanitizing stations around every corner. Weight room squat racks 20 feet apart. Stairwells with one-way movement, a set for going up and another for going down. Elevators with a maximum occupancy of two. Nutrition stations offering only packaged snacks.

At least in the beginning, some schools won’t allow access to showers. There will be no passing a football back and forth either, at least early on.

No sharing towels or water bottles. No hugging, no high-fiving and no weight-training exercises that require assistance from a spotter. “It will be the new norm,” says Tory Lindley, president of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and an associate athletic director at Northwestern. “It will be the best we can do. We’re all hoping to put forward the safest environment for our student-athletes.”


What will be the biggest differences when your team resumes practices?

3. College Football GOAT Coach Admires Philosophy of NBA GOAT (Alabama Football)

We jump at any opportunity to hear the best in the business rave about what another person at the top of his profession did.

Like most of us, Alabama coach Nick Saban was mesmerized by “The Last Dance” on ESPN — the breakdown of Michael Jordan’s last season with the Bulls. Listen to him talk about how much he admires Jordan’s commitment to excellence.

What was your biggest takeaway from “The Last Dance”?

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