FNF Coaches Talk — Andy Reid’s game day shield, the mental health cost of no football, weight room sanitizing

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Friday, Coaches. Here’s a threesome of stories for you.

1. Thinking of going with the shield on game day? Think again (ProFootball Talk)

We’re all trying to figure out how to operate within the new COVID guidelines this year, and you can certainly lump Andy Reid on that pile.

It didn’t go so well for him last night when he tried to think outside the box and wear what looked like a welder’s mask as opposed to the standard facemask that most coaches have been seen wearing on the sideline.

Aaron Ladd of KSHB asked Reid about the face shield after the game and the coach’s response was similar to that of many people watching the game from home.

“That was brutal,” Reid said. “I didn’t do very good with that thing. Listen, it will be better the next time. I appreciate you asking that, it was a bit of a mess.”

Check out the story about Andy Reid’s mask mishap.

What is your preferred game day face covering this season?

2. Health experts believe mental health will improve due to start of football season (News Channel 10)

A fall in Texas without football? It sounds crazy, but it was under consideration up until a week or two ago.

That’s when the mental health experts came in, and said the risk of NOT playing football outweighed the safety reward.

After speculation, the University Interscholastic League decided to have a high school football season this year.

Coaches say it brings the community together after five months of social distancing.

“It’s a different feeling, our community certainly feels it,” said Chad Dunnham, head coach for the Amarillo high school football team.
“Our community, our kids, our population needs some sense of normalcy and that’s whats excited me to get to this day that were going to have games,” said Kenneth Plunk, head coach for the Tascosa high school football team.

Check out the story about the potential mental health toll of not playing football in Texas.

What would/will the loss of football mean to your community this fall?

3. Texas coach ‘power cleans’ the weight room … LOL (Austin Dawg Football)

Here’s some Friday sanitizing humor for you! Seriously, though, we’re going to follow up with this coach to find out what product he’s using to sanitize.

What product are you using to sanitize your locker room?

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