FNF Coaches Talk — A social distanced prom, drive-by coaching, setting up a home office

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coaches. We’ve got a few stories for you.

1. North Dakota coach leads social distancing prom (KX Net)

We love seeing stories like this of coaches stepping up and showing leadership while giving back during the pandemic.

Beach High (N.D.) coach Mike Zier led the way for his students by organizing a social distancing prom.

Zier cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and left them at the end of his driveway for kids to pick up in bags. Local businesses even donated gift cards to go in the bags. Then the prom goers took group photos while making sure they were six feet apart.

“As a track coach, prom is a four letter word for us,” Zier said. “It’s in our magna carta that we don’t really like prom, because that week of track is basically shot, but I tell you what I like my kids a lot more than anything. I was happy to be a small part of it so that they could be happy.”


What will you be doing to recognize and honor your seniors?

2. Woodlawn football coaches create ‘drive-by’ coaching sessions to motivate team during pandemic (CBS 42)

The first week of May is always a special time in Alabama because it’s when football teams start spring practice.

Last week, Woodlawn High School (Ala.) coach Gentrell Eatmon and assistant coach Dedrick Carr went around the neighborhoods in a truck visiting with their players on the street for a different kind of coaching session.

The drive-by coaching sessions involved the coaches motivating and encouraging the kids during these hard and uncertain times. It allowed the coaches to reach their players another way other than through video or text messaging.

To Eatmon, the main goal of this was to keep the kids motivated, active, and ready, no matter what the COVID-19 pandemic brought their way.

“I always tell them when we’re on Zoom that they show their true character when no one is watching, so what you do behind closed doors when no one is looking at you, that’s who you really are,” Eatmon said. “Everybody can do what’s right when someone is watching them, but when you take the initiative on your own to do things that you want to do to get better, that just shows you who you are.”


How much interaction have you had with your players during the stay-at-home period?

3. It’s not too late to set up a decent home office (CNN)

We’re all getting used to working from home, and we can’t stress this one enough. If you want to feel good about the work you’re doing from home, you need to set yourself up with a decent home office.

That means equipment that will help you lead team meetings via video conferencing. It means getting a flat surface for a desk, a comfortable chair that emphasizes good posture, and multiple monitors for your computer — if possible.

Since there’s a good chance we won’t be returning to work for a while, it’s worth putting a little effort into making your space comfortable and conducive to getting the job done.

Here’s one thing to think about when setting up your work station.

Look for spaces that offer easy access to outlets and good lighting. There’s bonus points if it’s by a window.
“A window not only for the light, but also fresh air,” said Kerrie Kelly, an interior designer and chair-elect for the American Society of Interior Designers. “When we are hunkered down in this way, we don’t realize how beneficial that vitamin D and fresh air truly is.”

It’s also not unusual to wake up with aches and pains after sitting at a desk all day. If you’re going through a bit of that, follow this advice.

When choosing your work surface, look for one that is close to elbow height when you are seated. If the surface is too high, you can use a folded towel, blanket or pillow to increase your height. And pay attention to how you sit.
Chair: If possible, sit in a chair over the more tempting couch or bed. Try and keep your thighs parallel to the floor and make sure your feet rest on the floor or some sort of footrest (a box is fine).


What does your home office work space look like? Send us photos!