FNF Coaches Talk — A Ground-Breaking Approach to Injury Recovery, How to Instill Discipline, Photographer of the Year Contest

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. Hope you had a great weekend. Here are some stories for today.

1. Why Memphis Tigers athletes are part of ground-breaking approach to injury recovery (Commercial Appeal)

Dr. Daniel Greenwood stood near the sideline watching the Memphis spring game on a computer screen.

Greenwood, the director of Memphis’ Human Performance Center, and his team kept an eye on 12 players through data recorded by GPS sensors. It tracked their distance and velocity while measuring the impact happening in their upper bodies.

It’s something he started doing over the last half of spring practice in the latest change that Greenwood has brought to the football team and the Memphis athletics program since he arrived in September.

“The GPS sensors help the teams answers two questions,” Greenwood said. “What does my body need to do to sustain this effort in games? And how do I train to prepare for it?”

One of his early conversations was with Memphis football senior assistant athletic trainer Larry Reynolds. The two discussed sophomore quarterback Markevion Quinn and his rehab from the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee that he suffered in the spring before he transferred.

The conversation shifted to bone loading, a way to measure impact on an athlete’s leg while in motion. It had been used mostly with distance runners in cross country, but Greenwood said it hadn’t been used on a college football player.

Greenwood had been given a trial run of inertial sensors, which measure the amount of force exerted on a leg, from a New Zealand-based company called IMeasureU.
He was familiar with them from his previous job at the Australian Institute of Sport. Reynolds was curious if they could help assist with Quinn’s rehab and the two agreed to try it out.
“We both thought that the sensors offered a potential solution to improve the individualization of the rehabilitation process and we were both brave enough to be the first team in the world to trial these sensors on a football athlete,” Greenwood said.

What computer data do you use for training sessions, game prep or play-calling?

2. Georgia football coach Kirby Smart disciplines players for marijuana possession by removing them from drills (Dawg Nation)

This is an issue that we’ve all likely dealt with at some point, and one that isn’t quite as cut and dried as it used to be. Georgia linebackers Brenton Cox and Robert Beal were arrested in April on charges of possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

Some UGA fans suggested on social media that marijuana laws are outdated, police are at fault, and messengers are wrong for reporting the news.

Kirby Smart is not on board with that logic. If he was, he wouldn’t be taking the sort of drastic steps intended to ensure the Bulldogs’ offseason trend of six arrests in six months ceases.

Smart pulled the projected starters out of the lineup during spring practice.

Alabama coach Nick Saban has addressed the changing face of effective leadership with his staff this spring, and last week shared his formula for success with young prospects from Detroit that visited his campus.

“Your mindset is so important to being successful and having good character,” Saban told the Sound Mind Sound Body group, “First of all, you have to know what you want to accomplish and want to do, it’s called having a vision, a goal.
“Some people want to climb Mount Everest, some people want to lose 10 pounds, some people want to graduate from college,” he said. “There’s always going to be a commitment for what you want to do, so you can do all the things you need to do to accomplish that goal, that’s called a process.
“But then the third part of it, which is the most difficult, is to have the discipline to execute it every day. So you know what you want to do, you even know what you need to do to accomplish it, but can you execute it every day?”

How do you stress to your players the importance of remaining disciplined during the spring?

3. FNF Photographer of the Year Finalists Round (FNF Coaches)

The finalists for the 2019 FNF Coaches Photographer of the Year contest have been announced!

You can view and vote for the finalists’ photos below. The polls will close on May 11 and the winner will be contacted.

Share with your community to help your favorite photographer win for their team!

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How do you use photography to promote your program on social media?