FNF Coaches Talk — A 2020 schedule crunch, stats you’ll like, a coach concerned

Good afternoon, Coaches. Here’s a look at three stories for high school coaches.

1. Health experts not concerned about compacted high school season (News Channel ABC 20)

Here’s an issue we’ve been thinking about since state athletic associations started postponing football until the spring. Won’t 2021 be particularly busy for football coaches with two seasons in a stretch of six months?

It turns out medical experts in Illinois don’t share the same concerns.

“My son is going to do it,” Springfield Clinic Orthopedist and Parent Dr. Brett Western said. “I have no concern about him doing it whatsoever.”

Western said the way the schedule is configured still gives young athletes adequate time to recover.

“Two or three months between the spring sports and starting up fall sports again should be enough,” Western said.

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What concerns do you have with pushing football into the spring season?

2. Texas High School Football Coaches Say Statistics Show Teams Can Play Safely During Pandemic (Dallas Fort-Worth CBS)

We interviewed Highlands Ranch coach Randy Allen for our most recent pandemic-themed edition of FNF Coaches, and he told us about this research he’d gathered to convince his county to lift the restriction of all teams from practicing high school football.

The Texas High School Coaches Association is reporting the protocols that have been followed have paid off.

The organization surveyed 314 Texas school districts which had summer workouts. It reports 244 responded.

They represent 65,290 athletes.

The coaches say four cases of COVID-19 were traced to their camps.

Four students were hospitalized.

And, there were zero deaths.

The coaches report 278 of the more than 65,000 athletes tested positive for COVID-19.

That is .426 percent of the players.

“That’s what we were seeing. We just wanted to be able to verify that,” says Tyler Legacy Head Football Coach Joe Willis. Willis says the THSCA did the survey to see what was happening across the state.
“That statistic told me we aren’t spreading this at camp. Our kids are getting this from home. When we are checking on kids daily and are able to monitor them on a long term basis, we are not seeing the spread of the virus,” says Willis.

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How is your team protecting against the spread of virus? Is it working?

3. Alabama HS coach concerned after second shutdown of workouts (AL.com)

We know many coaches are eager to resume workouts and have a football season this fall, but it’s important to recognize both sides of the argument. This Alabama coach shares his feeling of guilt after a player’s positive COVID test forced his team to shut down for the second time since its return.

What do you feel is the worst-case scenario if your team goes ahead with a fall season?

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