FNF Coaches Talk: $50 Gift Card Contest, Best Times to Run Play Action, Kirby Smart’s Advice

Good afternoon, Coaches. Let’s get right to the stories of the day.

1. Want a Freebie? Take Part in This Contest (FNF Coaches Twitter)

Coaches — Here’s an easy one for you. We’re giving away a $50 gift certificate to Team Express every week in July. Go on the Team Express website and check out some of the things you can get for $50. Yes — it’s a team apparel store, but they also offer some single-item purchases that you could use heading into this season. Do you need a new pair of cleats for preseason workouts? If so, you can order a pair with your $50 gift card.

What are some contest prizes that would excite you this fall?

2. The Best Time to Utilize Play Action (Sharp Football Analysis)

We all take for granted the fact that adding play action increases the efficiency of passes. What we may not know is that establishing the run isn’t needed to benefit from play action. In fact, first quarter play action is more productive than play action in the second or third quarter.

Additionally, teams can use play action as often as they like. To date, no team has used play action so much that defenses consistently stop biting on it. In fact, play action averages the highest YPA in the fourth quarter.

Let’s examine several actionable takeaways teams should contemplate when choosing to add more play action to their passing attack in 2019:

1. The biggest production increase when using play action is under center in 11 personnel.
2. Passing from under center when in traditional run groupings (such as 12 or 21) does not see any boost in production by adding play action.
3. Using play action in shotgun from 11 personnel does not show near the improvement in production as using play action from under center. The edge gained is severely muted.
4. Using play action from shotgun in traditional run groupings (such as 12 or 21) shows measurable improvement in production.

What is your preferred personnel package for running play action?

3. Kirby Smart shares advice with Cobb coaches (Marietta Daily Journal)

University of Georgia football coach Kirby Smart asked a thought-provoking question Tuesday as he spoke during the 31st annual Cobb County Kickoff Luncheon.

“I would assume that nobody in here gets to have a two-a-day practice, is that correct?” Smart asked.

Instead of the routine August two-a-days or three-a-days, many teams are practicing in the mornings during the summer while taking part in 7-on-7 tournaments and other camps.

Smart also noted that summer practices in general are more tame than they were two decades ago, and he challenged coaches to find ways to make things a tad more difficult in order to build success and mold future leaders.

“I don’t care what position you have on your staff,” Smart said. “Challenge these guys. Challenge these young men in your organization or in your program because, if you don’t challenge these guys, I don’t know if there will be anybody else in this society who will.”

One of a few ideas Smart suggested was for coaches to have individual meetings with players just to sit and talk with them one-on-one.

Another idea Smart offered was to change the monotony and not have workouts be the exact same every day. He also suggested that coaches end practice with a pressure situation.

“For me, I like the fact that he ends practices with pressure situations,” Pope coach Tab Griffin said. “They seem to thrive on that, and we try to do some of that, so now I have to think of something at the end of practice that is pressure-related so our kids can get used to it.”

What is the most challenging thing you’ll ask your players to do during preseason workouts?

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