FNF Coaches Talk — What’s In a Playbook, Weightlifting on Game Day, Read Everything with Unlimited Options

Happy Friday, Coaches. We’ve got a few stories for you before game time.

1. There’s tons of other stuff in your football team’s playbook (Banner Society)

Those who don’t get to see a playbook often might think the team’s X&O’s bible looks similar to the call sheet you’d see on a Madden video game. But in the real world, the structure and layout that your team uses has way more than just drawings of routes and coverages.

The structure of a playbook tells the story of how a team builds a scheme from the ground up.

Les Miles’ playbook is deep at 480 pages, despite what you might think about the simplicity of his scheme during the LSU years. You go 50 pages in before you get to anything related to football tactics.

Most playbooks detail daily responsibilities throughout training camp and/or a regular game week. Some go far beyond that; there’s a composite Big 12 schedule in Miles’ 1996 playbook that shows every team in the conference and when they play each opponent.

Some playbooks can have a full glossary of their verbiage, especially the pro-style schemes.

Information sharing is really important to the profession during the offseason, when coaches talk to each other and attend clinics. Terminology is one way to mask what you’re doing to gain an advantage.

What is one page you’ve included in your playbook that might surprise people?

2. College team lifts weights on the sidelines before game (For the Win)

ESPN analyst David Pollack was walking the sidelines before last night’s game when he saw Georgia Tech players lifting weights on the field and working out just a few hours before kickoff.

He rightfully called this one of the “strangest, slash coolest” things he’s ever seen.

When do your players lift for the last time before a Friday night game?

3. CoachTube Video: Read Everything with Unlimited Options (2:40) (FNF Coaches)

Our friends at CoachTube have allowed us to share this video. Coach Joe Osovet is a mad scientist, experimenting with the RPO like few others.

In fact, he’ll tell you that his offense at ASA College in Brooklyn, N.Y., is made up of over 90 percent post-snap RPO!

That might sound crazy to you, but it turns out it’s pretty effective.

Coach Osovet has consistently churned out top 10 offenses at his last stop as a coach, and now at ASA.

How does he do it? Find out from the man himself.

Read Everything with Unlimited Options covers topics like:

  • How to get the defense to play laterally instead of downhill
  • How to get the ball to your playmakers AND create vertical alleys for them to run downhill
  • How to maximize the talent of those undersized slot players
  • Includes game clips and more!

If you’re interested in either running the RPO or learning how to defend it, you can’t afford NOT to book this course.

Don’t wait, get started today!

Purchase the course for $19.99 here.

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