FNF Coaches Talk — $5 COVID tests with instant results, social distancing signs at stadiums, early enrollment for seniors


Good evening, Coaches. We’ve got some stories for you — including an exciting one for high school football fans.

1. $5 COVID test that offers results in 15 minutes will soon be available (Bloomberg News)

This is a game-changer for every industry and profession, and it will certainly be good news for high school football.

Abbott labs is reportedly launching a Covid test — FDA approved — that costs $5, yields results in 15 minutes and requires no laboratory equipment to process.

What if you could test your players instantly if they start to feel sick? What if you could test them before every game? What if you could create a bubble with your team and test any player who needs to leave the bubble before they re-enter?

It’s exciting for all of us who love high school football.

Read the Abbott press release.

Would you feel more comfortable playing this fall if this test is available?

2. Texas school shows how they’ll organize fan seating with social distancing (Boerne ISD)

Want to see how a Texas school is ensuring that fans understand the social distancing rules for a Friday night football game?

Every school that is welcoming fans into stadiums this fall should be being proactive by making signs like this.

What social distancing guidance will you provide fans this fall?

3. Top in-state seniors facing decision to skip spring football season (Shelby Star)

The COVID-19 pandemic that has caused the N.C. High School Athletic Association to postpone the 2020 football season until the spring has left many of the state’s coaches pondering the possibility of operating without their senior stars. In Battle’s case, that’s four-star defensive end Keeshawn Silver, who many believe will opt out of his senior season, graduate in December and get a start on his college career by enrolling at North Carolina in January.

“That’s still to be determined,″ Battle said last week. “I’m going to support him in his decision. What I’ve said before is I don’t want to put that kid in a situation where I’m bending his ear to stay, then spring comes and there’s no season. Then he’s miserable. Whatever decision he’s going to make, he needs to make it in a way he can live with it.″

Of course, before taking that step, players must be in position to complete high school graduation requirements by December and meet NCAA entrance requirements. The latter became easier earlier this month when the NCAA announced student-athletes who enroll full time during the 2021-22 academic year will not be required to take ACT or SAT tests to meet initial-eligibility requirements.

It’s a decision several of the state’s top prospects have already made.

Read the entire story.

How concerned are you about losing seniors to early college enrollment if you push the season to the spring?

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