FNF Coaches Talk — Shallow passing concepts, Urban Meyer’s new role, barbecue competitions in Texas

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Friday, Coaches! Check out these three stories before you clock out.

1. Coaches Notes Preview: Adding the Shallow concept to your passing game (USA Football Blogs)

Coaches — we all need to do a good job of creating drills that are specific to the throws the quarterback is going to make. In this case, it’s the Drive concept.

This is out of a 2×2 base set. Up front, we like to set our slide to where the shallow is coming. We are putting the slide side towards the shallow and the man side away from the shallow. We do this because our quarterback is looking at the shallow first and we want that side protected well. We are throwing hot off of the Will LB.

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Coaches — How does your shallow passing game help open up a defense that is strong against the run?

2. Urban Meyer on his new role, teaching and much, much more (Buckeye Extra)

On Friday, former Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer sat down with The Dispatch in his first interview since stepping down.

The Real Life Wednesdays program has proved to be an invaluable recruiting tool as OSU could persuade parents that their son would be given the means to have a career after football.

“If the head coach can reach across the table and say, ‘Your son will have a job if he does this, this and this, we’ll set him up and he’ll have a career when the sport is done,’ I can’t tell you how many times they stood up and said, ‘OK, we’re good.’”

Like most coaches, Meyer remembers the bad losses much more vividly than the big wins.

Meyer on his OSU coaching career: He said the accomplishment he didn’t fully appreciate at the time was the 30-game regular-season conference winning streak to begin his tenure.

As is the case with many coaches, the victories for Meyer are a blur, but the losses haunt. No defeat hurt more than the home loss to Michigan State in 2015 in a rainstorm.

How often does he think about that game?
“Every day,” he said. “That’s the one. I don’t blame others. I blame myself. I could have done some better things (as a coach) that day. That 2015 Michigan State game, that was a tough one.”

Coaches — How do you keep a healthy perspective while coaching?

3. Yes, Barbecue Is A Real High School Sport — A Very Delicious Sport (Forbes)

This is kind of a funny Friday afternoon story, but it certainly made us laugh.

Thanks to its fast growth and deliciousness, barbecue could be on its way to becoming a sanctioned competitive activity by the University Interscholastic League, the governing body overseeing public school sports in Texas.

The Texas High School Barbecue championships recently concluded in Burnet, located northwest of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. It awarded championships in categories such as brisket, ribs, beans, dessert and welding (hey, you’ve got to build a smoker before you cook with it), and of course, all-around.

Check out the story for more barbecuing anecdotes!

Who is the barbecuing legend in your football community?

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