FNF Coaches Talk — Offseason Training Plan, LSU Bench Stop Route, OSU Coach: Watch the National Championship Game

Welcome back, Coaches. It’s Friday! We’ve got three stories to close out the week.

1. Off-season training for high school football: Developing explosive speed and power (Train Heroic)

We did a story with Rob Van Valkenburgh a few years back, and we’re excited that he’ll be writing for us on a monthly basis starting Feb. 7.

Rob has also been published on Train Heroic.

Rob authored a three-part series addressing the specific goals of each phase and how an effective high school level coach should program in order to provide their athletes with a comprehensive and effective off-season regimen.

We’re in the midst of Part 1, which extends from December to February.

There are four objectives you should focus on during the early off-season:
  • Recover from the season and go through a 2-3 week GPP Phase
  • Begin to build strength with a focus on the ‘Big Lifts’
  • Maintain a base level of conditioning
  • Perform some form of speed development

During this GPP phase, Rob does not ask his athletes to perform any axial loading (back/front squat), ballistic lifts (power/hand clean), or max effort sprints. He uses a three day training split broken down as follows…

Day 1:
Lower Body Push (DB Goblet Squats for Depth, Single Leg Squats, DB Step Up’s, etc.)
Upper Body Pull (Pull Ups, Inverted Rows, TRX Variations, Bicep Curls)
Light Tempo Sprints (60yd-80yd strides at about 70% sprint speed)
Corrective Exercises, Foam Roll and Stretch Series
Day 2:
Lower Body Pull (RDL, Ball Leg Curl, DB Single Leg RDL, etc.)
Upper Body Push (Bench Press, DB Shoulder Press, Push Ups, Tricep Work, etc.)
Anti-Rotation Core (Pallov Press, Plank Variations, Dead Bugs)
Corrective Exercises, Foam Roll and Stretch Series
Day 3:
Light Tempo Sprints
Corrective Exercises
Gun Show (*this phase can be boring for some guys, make sure you throw things in that make it fun)

What type of strength training programming do you have in place for the month of January?

2. LSU Bench Stop Route Adds To Burrow’s Numbers (First Down Playbook)

We also have a partnership with First Down Playbook to announce! They are the best in the business of diagramming plays and summarizing the X’s and O’s after each weekend of action.

On Tuesday, they broke down LSU’s keys to victory in the NCAA Playoffs National Championship Game against Clemson.

For today’s show, we chose this Bench Stop route that put LSU up by 10 points.

How would you incorporate the Bench Stop Route into your offense?

3. Ohio State coach to players after semifinal elimination: Watch the National Championship Game (The Spun)

This is an interesting story because it relates a feeling Ohio State coach Ryan Day has with one a lot of us have felt — ending the season on a disappointing note after a playoff loss.

Ohio State was a game-winning drive away from punching its ticket into the national championship game. Instead, the Buckeyes had to sit back on Monday night and watch two programs battle for the most prestigious prize in college football.

Day wanted all his players to watch the national championship game between Clemson and LSU. Even though it must sting to know that Ohio State was close to earning a trip to New Orleans, the head coach of the Buckeyes wants to inspire his locker room.

What advice do you give your players after a playoff loss when it comes to watching the rest of the games? 

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