FNF Coaches Podcast – Whitehaven (Tenn.) coach Rodney Saulsberry

Rodney Saulsberry is the head coach of the Whitehaven Tigers in Memphis, Tenn. He led his alma mater to state championships in 2012 and 2016. In an inspiring interview with the longtime coach, he talks about building a program that an entire community can be proud of, some of the challenges he’s encountered in an urban setting, and how he’s persevered with an attitude that anything can be achieved through hard work.

Topics for the pod include:

How Coach Saulsberry created a program that the Memphis community can be proud of (2:15)

How he established his brand and culture (5:20)

His GPA philosophy (Be grateful, be positive and be accountable) – 5:45

How he established academic standards (6:50)

How he established a feeder system through the middle school system (13:50)

How he handled having the 2020 season cancelled (18:30)

How he hosted combines and a skills camp for recruiting (20:45)

How he advises players to promote themselves with recruiting videos (22:20)

How he energizes himself each season (28:00)

The affirmations his players say every day (31:00)

How he gets buy-in from the players in the offseason (33:00)

What technology he uses to help his team (36:40)

Which fundraisers help his team raise money (39:30)