FNF Coaches Podcast: USA Football National Program Director Aaron Ingram

Ingram talks about his background in football (1:30), how he got into coaching (2:20) and how he landed with USA Football (3:30). He talked about how coaches can get involved with the USA Football National Team program (5:30) and how to nominate players (6:45).  He talks about the pathways in the National Team program (8:45) and some of the top players to come through the program (14:10).

He talks about how recruiting players for the National Team has changed during COVID (18:00), what it’s been like getting to games this fall (20:15) and how the quality of play has been impacted (21:00). He talks about the scheme he suggests for USA Football coaches (22:00). He also talks about the state of college football and the NFL (26:30). Finally, he talks about what it’s been like to video conference on Zoom during the pandemic (30:30).