FNF Coaches Podcast – St. David’s School (N.C.) coach Dan Casey

Coach Dan Casey is the head coach at St. David’s School in Raleigh, N.C. If you follow Coach Casey on Twitter — @CoachDanCasey — you know he’s an offensive guru when it comes to X’s and O’s. He can often be seen breaking down concepts seen in pro and college football with a few tweets and a quick video clip. He also has a website designed to help coaches become more creative with their systems. That’s coachdancasey.com.

He shares how he keeps up with video of college and NFL games in-season (1:45) and how he’s established a network of coaches for video breakdowns (4:00). He talks about his background in the sport of football (5:30), how he got into coaching (9:15), and what his experience has been like at St. David’s School, which has an 8-man program (12:50). He talks about simplifying and maintaining perspective during a COVID fall season (15:30) and taking precautions from a conditioning standpoint by allocating timeouts (18:00).  He talks about X’s and O’s and the coaches who are ahead of the curve in terms of play design (20:30) and how the pandemic affected his content (26:45). Finally, he breaks down NFL and NCAA offenses that are starting new trends (36:45).