FNF Coaches Podcast – Sports Attack

Episode Summary

Today’s guest on the podcast is someone who can speak to a product that is helping coaches across all levels of football. The guest is Sports Attack football product manager Tommy Barber.
The Sports Attack Aerial Attack can simulate punts, kicks, passes and snaps so that coaches can limit player fatigue and maximize practice reps. The Snap Attack can pivot instantly in any direction and provide accurate passes, punts and kickoffs to any location on the field.

Episode Notes

The Aerial Attack is similar to the Snap Attack model used by NFL teams, only it’s 40 pounds lighter and less expensive to suit the needs of the high school market. The only alteration is that the Aerial Attack only spins as if it’s coming off the foot – or out of the hand – of a right-handed specialist.

Barber talks about his football coaching experience with big-time programs in the state of Georgia (2:20), what he’s hearing from coaches in regards to the return to play (6:30), and how it will impact the future of high school football (9:00).

He talks about the evolution of Sports Attack dating back to Bill Walsh (12:20), how the Aerial Attack makes practices more efficient (16:30), and what advantages coaches are getting from using the product (22:00), and how to make it fit within a tight budget (27:00).