FNF Coaches Podcast – ProCom LoudMouth

Today’s podcast is going to be informative for high school coaches, as it introduces a new technology that allows coaches to make in-game adjustments in a more efficient way. The ProCom LoudMouth is a one-of-a-kind device sits on the sideline and allows coaches in the press box to talk to their group of players or the entire team, AND the players can also speak back to the coach.

The first guest is Nick Johnson, an offensive line coach for the Parkview High football team in Georgia. His school experimented with the LoudMouth during the fall and is set to put the new technology to the test on game day in 2021.

The second guest is ProCom Founder and CEO Frank Girardi. He talks about how he conceived the idea for the new technology and what benefits it will offer coaches on game day.