FNF Coaches Podcast – Missouri Hall of Fame Coach Mark Thomas

Episode Summary

Today’s podcast is Missouri Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame coach Mark Thomas. Thomas is currently the head coach at Odessa High, his alma mater. There, he has led teams to state championships as both a player and coach. He has also coached at Kearney and Belton High, experiencing high levels of success at both schools. He has a career record of 154-104 and has twice earned Coach of the Year honors.

Episode Notes

Thomas talks about how his team prepared over the summer for its first game (2:45), which will be Aug. 28, between several stoppages. He shares the safety measures his team has in place (7:57), including wearing masks and limiting athletes in locker rooms and on buses.
Thomas talks about weighing the option of playing this fall rather than in the spring (11:30) – a decision the state of Missouri left up to coaches. Mental health has also been a concern for Thomas and his staff (17:00).
He also talks about his experience using Lazser Down and Distance Markers and the benefits it has for coaches, players, fans and officials (27:45). His team will take advantage of a sponsorship opportunity afforded by Lazser Down (31:30).