FNF Coaches Podcast – Jackson High (Mo.) coach Brent Eckley

Brent Eckley led the Jackson High (Mo.) football team to its first state championship in the program’s 125-year history. His squad bounced back from an overtime loss in the 2019 title game to run the table for an undefeated season. Topics for the podcast include:

What message he gave his players in the locker room after the 2019 defeat in the state title game (2:30)

When he started looking ahead to 2020 (4:55)

Setting a theme for the championship season (7:30)

His philosophy for strength and conditioning (11:00)

Seeking out mentors to advise him on overcoming a devastating loss (11:00)

What to focus on after a big loss – and what not to focus on (14:30)

Keeping a short-term focus with a long-term goal (17:00)

How he led during the pandemic (21:30)

The role of his team’s leadership council (22:40)

Change of direction drills to get players in football shape (31:45)

What he did different during the playoff run in 2020 (33:15)

How he helped his players remain composed in a high-pressure state title game (35:30)

What he uses for video technology (39:30)

What he uses for analytics (42:30)

Which strength app helps his program (46:00)