FNF Coaches Podcast – FOX Sports Broadcaster Joel Klatt and PassLab Founder Dave Churchman

Episode Summary

This podcasts features two guests who have a long history in the game. Dave Churchman is the founder of PassLab, a company that produces headset technology that will train a quarterback’s eyes to look off defenders. The second guest is a former quarterback and current FOX Sports broadcaster who has endorsed the PassLab headset. Joel Klatt set 44 school records as the University of Colorado starting quarterback from 2003 to 2005.

Episode Notes

Klatt talks about his experience growing up in a house with a legendary high school football coach (1:40) and aspiring to become a coach himself (3:30). He talks about his playing career as an option quarterback in high school (5:40) and going from a walk-on to three-year starter at University of Colorado (7:15). Dave Churchman talks about his football background (12:00) as one of the worst defensive backs in Colorado history. He then shares his vision for the PassLab headset and how it will help high school quarterbacks (13:30). Klatt talks about how the headset can help quarterbacks at all level by helping them train their eyes to look off defensive players (15:30). Klatt talks about how the PassLab headset is actually a perfect fit for high school teams that run the RPO scheme (23:00). Klatt shares how games are different this year from a broadcaster’s perspective during the pandemic (28:15).