FNF Coaches Podcast – Florida State Champion Coach Roger Harriott (St. Thomas Aquinas)

Today’s guest is Roger Harriott, head coach at St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Harriott has led his alma mater to four state championship since his hire in 2015. Harriott opens the curtain on the culture at St. Thomas Aquinas, how he and his staff mold student-athletes into better people, and how he positions them to impact others in a positive way throughout life.

Topics include:

  • The structures he has in place to mold better men (1:40)
  • Objectives vs. goals (8:00)
  • Forming a brotherhood (12:30)
  • Instilling optimism and confidence in players (16:00)
  • The value of knowing how to become successful (23:00)
  • Being a role model in a conflicting world (28:00)
  • Glamorizing dangerous men (35:00)
  • How his team improved its GPA (42:00)
  • How he learned to harness his emotions after a loss (46:00)