FNF Coaches Podcast – ‘Feed the Cats’ Sprint Coach Tony Holler

More and more football coaches are taking their cues from a high school track coach in Plainfield, Ill.  Tony Holler invented a revolutionary new method of training sprinters at Plainfield North High (Ill.) called “Feed the Cats.” It’s a minimalist approach to training which discourages putting sprinters through long workouts that make them feel crushed by the end. Topics include:

  • Why sprint training needed to be done differently (2:30)

  • What is the Feed the Cats program? (4:45)

  • Why it took courage to do something differently (7:10)

  • How he fills practice time with so few reps (11:30)

  • How often athletes should be training at top speed (14:35)

  • Record, record and publish (18:05)

  • Never crush the physical or emotional soul of athletes (22:10)

  • Micro-dose training (25:35)

  • How does this impact injuries? (32:00)

  • What technology helps coach? (36:35)

  • Do you ever hear from parents who say you need to be training them harder? (39:55)