FNF Coaches Podcast – El Paso Pebble Hills coach Mark Torres

Mark Torres is an up-and-coming star coach from Pebble Hills High in El Paso, Texas. He took over as head coach when the high school opened in 2016 and quickly established one of the top programs in El Paso. Torres is meticulous and organized in his coaching style, and he has instilled a culture of discipline in his players. Listen to him talk about how he did it and share some secrets about starting a program from scratch.

Topics include:

  • Why he was attracted to the idea of starting a new program from scratch (2:00)
  • How he hired assistants (5:00)
  • How he instilled a culture of discipline (9:00)
  • His program’s 365-days-a-year calendar (11:30)
  • His philosophy on strength and conditioning (15:45)
  • How he motivates athletes in the weight room (18:00)
  • Why his players lift on game day (22:15)
  • How he develops leadership skills in his players (24:20)
  • How he’s responded to his failures as a coach (28:00)
  • How he seeks out mentorship opportunities from other coaches (34:00)
  • If he would ever consider coaching at the college level (38:00)
  • How he’s prioritized the mental health of his players (42:00)
  • What he’s doing to help players get recruited (44:00)
  • What new tech products he’s using to help his team (45:00)