FNF Coaches Podcast – East Surry High (N.C.) coach Trent Lowman

Episode Summary

Trent Lowman was hired at East Surry High in North Carolina in 2018, taking over for a local legend in coach David Diamont. It was actually the second time he’d taken over for a legend, as his first job at Bandys came on the heels of his father’s prolific tenure as head coach of the time. Lowman’s short stint at East Surry has been a huge success. He led the school to its first state championship last year with an undefeated 15-0 season.

Episode Notes

He talks about the shift to spring football in North Carolina (1:10), how that will change his team’s training plan (1:30), and the frustration of watching neighboring states play football this fall (2:45). Lowman feels the momentum from last year’s championship will be lost due to early enrollment issues (4:30), and he has concerns about whether his players will be at a disadvantage due to the lack of recruiting opportunities (7:00). He talks about his father’s coaching career helped launch his professional career (9:30), how he managed playing quarterback under his father (14:20), and how they communicated after games (14:50).
Lowman took over as a young head coach on an established team that had already had success (18:24). He talked about how he implemented a new scheme (20:55) and became one of the highest scoring offenses in the country (21:00). He talks about establishing a winning culture during a pandemic (24:00), starting a healthy accountability challenge on Twitter (25:45), and whether he has any funny stories from coaching during the pandemic (30:00).