FNF Coaches Partners with CoachTube

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Just in time for the 2019 fall season, FNF Coaches partnered with CoachTube, the first and only two-sided marketplace for aspiring athletes and coaches. FNF Coaches will share CoachTube videos on its website, in daily Coaches Talk posts, and in weekly newsletters.

CoachTube.com, created in 2014 and founded by Austin, Texas-based entrepreneur Wade Floyd, provides an online opportunity for coaches to give every athlete access to the instruction, knowledge, and motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes.

CoachTube.com provides access to training from some of the world’s best coaches in the form of on-demand video courses that can be taken anywhere, at any time, for an affordable rate.

As per the partnership, FNF Coaches will be able to share videos of coaches providing breakdowns of X’s and O’s, as well as clips of coaches leading drills, evaluating film and more.

“We are thrilled to be able to share CoachTube videos because we know how valuable visual evidence can be to our audience of coaches, who are always looking for ways to connect with players,” said FNF Coaches Managing Editor Dan Guttenplan. “This gives our platform more valuable content and strengthens the video section of our website.”

Examples of CoachTube videos that FNF Coaches can share with its audience include:

  • Oklahoma Offense Breakdown
  • Triple Threat Spread No Huddle Offense: Game Planning
  • Breaking Down Gus Malzahn’s Auburn Offense
  • Air Raid Quick Game: Mike Leach’s Breakdown
  • No-Huddle No-Mercy Practice Plan

Videos on the FNF Coaches site will range from 2 to 10 minutes, and the full courses can be purchased through the FNF Coaches posts.

CoachTube.com has hundreds of classes available to football coaches. Floyd, along with his team of industry experts, created this sports-focused video course platform with both athletes and coaches in mind. The rapidly growing site enables athletes to learn skills and techniques on-demand from some of the world’s leading coaches in their respected sports.

CoachTube.com empowers athletes by giving them unique access to talented coaches who can help them improve their specific skill set. Parents can make world-class training available to their children at an affordable price, choosing from hundreds of experienced coaches, each committed to helping athletes reach their full potential. The platform simultaneously empowers coaches to take their brand to the next level and impact a vastly larger audience. Coaches can set course prices, with demand driving the optimal price point, choose to donate all proceeds to their foundation, or simply make their videos available for free. CoachTube.com covers the technical operations, distribution, and even marketing, allowing coaches to simply do what they do best—coach.

CoachTube enables coaches to disseminate useful content, without having to worry about technology, distribution costs or marketing, all while providing the opportunity to supplement their income or to donate funds to their favorite charity. CoachTube makes it easy to create and share premium content with audiences anywhere in the world.


  • Search sports courses from the top 5 percent of selected coaches in any skill and difficulty.
  • Develop skills on-demand. Watch courses when and where it’s convenient for you.
  • Take your new skill on the field or court, come back anytime to revisit your courses or keep learning.

Teachable Moments

What’s your favorite training series on Coach Tube? What would your own video training series cover if you were on CoachTube, and who would your training program be built for?

Let us know your perfect strategy guide at @fnfcoaches on Twitter or FNFCoaches.com, and we might feature your answer in our next edition of FNF Coaches Talk!