FNF Coaches Friday Night Lights Podcast: Season 1, Episodes 17 & 18

Episode Summary

Each week, host Dan Guttenplan takes a look at the critically acclaimed NBC drama with a real high school football coach, Ryan Dieck, of Slidell High in Louisiana.

Episode Notes

Episode 17 is titled, “I Think We Should Have Sex.”

Coach Taylor and his wife, Tammi, are confronted with the prospect of their daughter, Julie, taking her relationship with quarterback Matt Saracen to the next level. Coach Taylor accuses Tim Riggins’ father of stealing a camera from the Dillon Panthers office. And Buddy Garrity fires Tyra’s mother from his car dealership to avoid the temptation of continuing an extramarital affair.

Coach Dieck talks about dealing with overbearing parents (3:00), setting up a communication structure with parents (7:30), how to decide what to delegate to assistants (10:15), and how to go about confronting a parent without putting a player in the middle (13:00). Coach Dieck speculates on why Riggins’ father stole the camera from the football team (27:30). He also differentiates between when someone is seeking advice from a coach vs. a friend (30:00).

Episode 18 is titled “Extended Families.” When his wife throws him out of the house, Buddy Garrity moves on to the couch at the Taylor residence and Lyla travels two hours to be with Jason Street.

Julie calls on her mother when Tyra’s mother ends up in the hospital, even though Julie isn’t supposed to be hanging out with Tyra. And Waverly’s father turns to Smash when he fears that she has taken a personal change without consulting her father. The episode actually starts with the Panthers playing a playoff game that they win when an attempted Hail Mary pass falls incomplete.

Coach Dieck shares what it feels like when the opposing team throws a Hail Mary pass with the game on the line (39:30) and how his team celebrates after a win. The coach talks about the distractions that high school players deal with on a regular basis (47:28), how coaches get courted for other jobs (59:30), and his predictions for how the show will finish (1:14:30).