FNF Coaches Friday Night Lights Podcast: Season 1, Episode 4 – Who’s Your Daddy

Coach Ryan Dieck and FNF Coaches Editor-in-Chief Dan Guttenplan continue their conversation about the hit NBC drama Friday Night Lights by breaking down Season 1, Episode 4 – “Who’s Your Daddy.” One of the key elements of the episode is that the Dillon Panthers are in the midst of a bye week with a rivalry game on the horizon. During the bye week, we get a behind the scenes look at Coach Taylor’s family dynamic and the way he struggles to juggle his job as coach with his role as father and husband. We also see the way in which some of the players get distracted during the bye week, engaging in a pretty serious and at times violent prank war with a rival school.

Join us as we re-watch this uber-bingeable series on Hulu, and let us know your take on Twitter @fnfcoaches