FNF Coaches for Wednesday, Jan. 2

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Happy New Year, Coaches! We hope you enjoyed your holiday vacation. Here are some of the stories you might have missed.

1. Saban, Alabama players know impact of trick plays in title games (247Sports)

Anyone familiar with the Clemson-Alabama rivalry knows that Nick Saban has dialed up several trick plays over the last three years in the College Football Playoffs. Here is an example.

In 2016, Saban called an onside kick with the game tied at 24-24 in the fourth quarter.

Saban isn’t known as a risk-taking coach, but in the last three national championship games the Crimson Tide has played in, he has made some of the boldest decisions of his career. And Alabama happened to win both of those games.

The first was the onside kick to Humphrey, and the most recent was choosing to play Tagovailoa in the second half against Georgia when UA’s offense struggled to move the chains in the first half. Whenever Saban gambles like that, his players are nothing but confident in their coach.

Coaches — How do you make sure you’re being aggressive in the most pressure-packed moments?

2. Coach football better with these five apps (Windows 10)

This article is a little clunky in its presentation (i.e. references to American/Canadian football), but the five apps provided are ones we’ve heard coaches talk about over the last few years. It’s a list of the top five football coaching apps, using Windows 10 search history and downloads. So, while the write-ups for each app may not be particularly informative, we would recommend you download and try out each of these five apps.

  • Sports Board — Microsoft
  • Playmaker Football
  • Football Playbook Manager
  • Coach’s Office
  • Coach Youths

What apps do you find helpful for your coaching purposes?

3. Product spotlight: The best tech products for coaches in 2019 (FNF Coaches)

We recently released our first edition of 2019, and the theme was “Go Tech in 2019.” We published a round-up of tech products that coaches are using in 2019, and we want to share that with you.

The list includes tech products for practices, games, strength and conditioning, recovery, sideline communication, drones, end-zone cameras and more.

If you are using a new tech product that isn’t on this list, we want to hear about it so we can feature it in future months.

What new tech product do you plan to use for your program in 2019?

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