FNF Coaches Talk for Friday, Dec. 21

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Friday, Coaches. We’ll share some of the stories we’re talking about before the holiday weekend.

1. Coach who was given 8 months to live leads Texas team to state title (ESPN)

This is an unbelievable story about a head coach who was given eight months to live at the start of the football season. Newton head coach W.T. Johnston shared the news with the players and warned them that he might not make it through the season. He told the players that his last lesson he’d teach them would be how to live before death.

That’s all of the introduction this story needs. Please take a moment to watch the clip during this holiday season.

Coaches — What is the most important lessons you’ll teach your players?

2. New IU athletic performance coaches mix cutting-edge technology with familiar lifts (Indianapolis Star)

We actually found this story last week, and it inspired us to make Indiana coach Tom Allen our featured subject in our next College Coach Q&A. He is ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing new technology into a strength and conditioning program.

From cameras and laser technology to GPS monitoring, he has a handle on all of the technology that is changing the game at the college level.

Each weight rack has a camera behind it, and another seeing everything going on inside the rack specifically. A laser aimed toward the rack measures how far and how quickly a player moves the bar itself. Coupled with the weight on the bar, IU’s staff can quantify that peak power, one of the key numbers Ballou and Rhea will track.

The Indiana strength coaches estimate a 20- to 30-percent increase in power numbers per player since implementing the new technology.

When a player arrives at a rack, he taps an attached iPad that gives him his workout in weights and reps, already pre-programmed. Ballou managed similar programs at Notre Dame and IMG Academy in Florida. He bases players’ goals on what would constitute improvement for them and what would put them on par with elite college and NFL players.

What piece of technology do you use in your strength program that produces results?

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